About TraumaTrauma is processed differently by each person and it is extremely subjective to the experiencer.

Energetic patterns of trauma can lodge in the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical fields of the body creating such things as illness, bodily and emotional pain, feelings of hopelessness and despair, including substance and relationship addictions; causing individuals to feel stuck, overwhelmed, disassociated, and left to repeat harmful life patterns.

Dealing daily with such heightened emotions as shame, anger, grief, judgement, and self-limiting beliefs can leave distressed individuals feeling defeated, rundown, and exhausted, even leading to disturbing dreams and disrupted sleep patterns.

It is important to realize these types of feelings are different from everyday struggles and can be excruciating, agonizing, and are embedded deep within the subconscious.

Clients often say this pain is like an unending howling and a gnawing feeling in the background of every waking moment, an emotional crippling, a feeling of despair, and it robs them of joy in their daily lives.

Family and friends around them don’t fully understand the intensity of this pain and respond by telling them to be happy and smile. This leads traumatized individuals to feel minimized and dismissed, to withdraw deeper into the pain, and to experience a greater feeling of isolation. 

WHAT IF...I could help lead you out of this trauma and help you create a joyful life you love? Are you willing to take a chance to reclaim your personal freedom? To be happy?


Next Steps...

Contact Terri to schedule a 30-minute complimentary Discovery Call.  During this time together, you can share your challenges and goals with Terri, learn about her trauma release techniques, and collaborate to determine the best course forward for you. There is no cost to you or obligation for this Discovery time together.