About Terri

Born a molecular empath with a natural gift for intuitive-healing, Terri began more formalized healing studies in 1998 beginning with Reiki and went on to study a variety of healing arts, which includes becoming a Quantum Healing Arts Practitioner through intensive training with Bill Bauman, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki-Seichem Master Teacher, a Oneness Blessing Giver, and a variety of other healing arts.

She counts herself blessed with a lifetime of amazing teachers and colleagues through which she practices a variety of mixed modalities allowing her to create the perfect treatment experience for each client.

Terri also has a rich career history spanning the areas of corporate training, entrepreneurship, government, and the healing arts.

Terri’s academic background includes business management and organizational development along with subject matter specialties in equal employment opportunity, civil rights compliance, diversity and inclusion, conflict resolution, disability management, training and development, sexual harassment prevention, and conducting enlightened leadership training to senior executives.

Photography by Jodi Lynn