Loving Testimonials

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"Terri Sisley is one of this world’s bigger-than-life gifts. Deeply self-aware, infinitely connected and powerfully present to life from outside its more limited box. Terri is an exceptionally skilled and gifted healer, awakener and empowerer of anyone who is searching for personal freedom. Few practitioners have impressed me as much as Terri. Her capacity to connect with you at your deepest levels, lead you from pain to power, move you from fear to freedom, and awaken you to your fullest potential is both magically powerful and immeasurable. I strongly recommend Terri Sisley as a safe, masterful and loving guide into your fullest self."  --Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern Mystic, Inspiring Visionary, Author: Soul Vision: A modern mystic looks at life through the eyes of the soul -- (Las Vegas, Nevada)

"I am continually blessed by the amazing healing work facilitated by Terri Sisley. Every session has been unique and tailored specifically to the topic I hoped to work on. She was even able to uncover memories and triggers I didn't know were causing pain in my present. Terri has many powerful tools and skills to assist her clients. She has the ability to humbly listen to your words, your energy, and higher self. She chooses the perfect technique to target the root of each important issue.  The effects of these sessions have been life changing. Terri has a true connection to Source and creates a safe sacred space for healing on all levels. We have worked on releasing chronic physical pain on the cellular and quantum levels. This release of physical pain continues to have a drastically positive effect on my day to day activities. We also covered nutrition, romantic partnerships, business motivation, releasing unhealthy patterns, spiritual alignment, and sacred love for myself. Each session brought forth tremendous results. After five sessions, I feel completely transformed and fully able to embrace my divine perfect self in all ways. The work I have done with Terri in one month has engendered more healing shifts than years of trying to figure it out on my own. This deep clearing experience allowed me to dissolve many false beliefs I held about myself and my life. In this safe environment, I was able to empty my vessel of unhealthy repetitive thoughts and vibrations. After each session, I feel finely attuned to my True Self, vibrating at a frequency of pure Love and Joy."    --Sara M. (Tempe, Arizona)

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“Working with Terri Sisley on a soul level has changed my life. When I first saw Terri I was suffering from anxiety and self-esteem issues that were prohibiting me from forming close relationships and loving myself. I was holding on to deep-seated trauma that I had acquired due to an abusive relationship and bullying many years ago. Even though I had forgiven and moved on, I still had lingering effects that were stunting my relationships with others and compromising my self-esteem. By conversing with my Higher Self and the Higher Self of those who were holding me back, Terri released the trauma on a soul and karmic level. All the painful emotions were released and I now feel better about myself and my life than I ever have. Terri’s methods are gentle and perfectly safe. She is with you every step of the way if you have had trauma in the past or you are holding on to old emotions and they are holding you back from being the beautiful person you are. Even though you have had trauma in the past, with Terri, you *can* recover.” --Doreen (London, England)

“Terri's healing sessions were a huge turning point for me in dealing with my deep wounding. Her warmth and deeply attuned spirit got right to the core of my issues. She was able to take me through the steps required to see further than I could have on my own. It brought great relief and comfort to my mind and heart. She's such a precious soul and her healing work is such a blessing. If you need a deep and tangible healing, I encourage you to contact her. My sessions with her were about my broken heart. I'm now in a new relationship, and he’s the love of my life! Such clearings of dark energies were released in our sessions bringing clarity and increased faith in myself. Thank you, Terri! You for sure were a gift to me! Love ❤️ always!” --Nalini (Pune, India)

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“Terri and I are long-time friends and healing arts colleagues. I have always been amazed at her intuitive healing and insight, her dedication to finding the truth of the matter, and her ability to deep-dive into the quantum field to affect healing at even the deepest cellular level.

Some of the work we've done over the years includes healing family issues about holidays, clearing toxic emotions around old relationships, and addressing issues in the workplace. She has even cleared out entity attachments and released the dark energy of individuals feeding on my creativity and well-being.

Early in our friendship and one night after a seminar, we went to a diner. During dinner she noticed that I was becoming tense and agitated. I didn't know why and I told her to scan my field and take a look. She closed her eyes and got quiet for a minute. She told me she was seeing red and green sparkles like Christmas ornaments. She went on to further give me information about my resistance to birthdays and holidays, especially Christmas. She noticed that Christmas music was playing in the background at the diner and that this must be a subconscious trigger. I insisted that I do not have issues about holidays and Christmas. She just said, "Okay" and did not press the issue. The next day I was out driving and the song, Jingle Bell Rock, came on the radio. At some point I realized I was whistling along with the song. There I was driving down the road, sitting behind my steering wheel, experiencing the hugest breakthrough that I DO have issues about holidays, especially Christmas, and that Terri had cleared these issues the night before without me even realizing it! Change is not always easy and I can be very stubborn. There were many times I insisted that I did not agree with her information. I became very familiar with her gentle, "Okay," or my irritating favorite, "It's not Santa Claus, you don't have to believe in it for it to be real.", only to have the realization or breakthrough hours later. Ha! Eventually I stopped resisting and just rolled with it. Saved a lot of time! She was so patient with me!

Another thing I greatly value about Terri, is that she is not looking to be your guru. Her commitment is to making you strong by standing in your self-authority and to become a Leader of Self. In Terri, you have found an exceptional healer who will laugh with you and cry with you. She is genuinely dedicated to your safety, integrity, and highest self.” --Gary Nobuo Niki, the Shamanic Samurai Medicine Man (Washington, DC)

"Terri Sisley approaches energetic healing with divine love and surgical precision. Through her workshops, Terri brings a new twist to understanding and embracing love and abundance, opening your eyes to the possibilities in your own life. Her mission is to work with you to broaden your sense of self and increase your capacity and inclination for self-love. When you are ready to embrace the journey, you're in good hands traveling with Terri."  -- (Washington, DC)


“Terri facilitated a Healing Session with me that centered around the Male lineage in my Family and some Childhood programs that I had running in my sub-conscious, which were preventing me from reaching my full potential and desired Success in Life. I never envisioned or imagined how incredibly powerful the Healing would be…much of it still unfolding after our Session!

I moved years ago to an area of Canada…and always wondered why this place? So far from Family? The day after our Session, I felt pulled to go to the Centre of Town and ended up at the Cenotaph, where unbeknownst to me, they were honoring The Men that died in The First World War at a very specific Battle that changed the course of the War. I just could not stop crying. It turned out that my Great Grandfather lived here after moving here from England…that he was in this Battle…and on the Cenotaph here and on one in France. I was able to honor him...in so very many deep ways. To feel his need to be honored and remembered...and to heal so many

levels of my Ancestors from then to now...All the Descendants. Great healing also happened with my Mother and other Family members through this. I am so very Grateful to Terri for enabling this to occur through her amazing Healing Gifts...Thank you so very much, Terri....So very heartfelt and so grateful for your love and healing...Truly Miraculous. --Deanna (Trail, British Columbia)

"Terri is kindness and hope with a mission to heal. Whether it is workshops or individual sessions, Terri always approaches her work from a place of love and respect, which shows in everything she does. When you work with Terri, you can be certain that your spiritual, mental, and emotional safety are her highest priorities."  -- (Woodbridge, Virginia)

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I am the first to admit that I can be stubborn as a client. I am self-aware enough to know when I require help and there are only a few deeply trusted practitioners from whom I will seek help. Terri Sisley is one of those very few trusted healers.

I eagerly look forward for the date to arrive for a scheduled session, yet when it does arrive, I tend to become agitated before the session and then I am resistant to the process. I don't know why I do this, but I do.

One of the many things I value about Terri is her commitment to me and standing for my victory. She does not let me get away with redirection or evasive behavior. She looks me square in the eye and says, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. It's up to you. I am just letting you know right now, I am definitely up for the hard way!" She is serious about my success and I know everything she says and does gets me closer to a joy-filled life.

I have had amazing breakthroughs through the release of trauma, abuse, and bullying. Terri definitely meets you where you're at and takes you to your highest potential. Her authentic-self lights the way and leads you to find the beauty and authenticity within. Terri safely and lovingly helps you to shed the decades of trauma and to create a life you love. Call her today. --Rowan (Scottsdale, Arizona)

"In private sessions, Terri has the priceless ability to gauge the needs of her client very closely and clearly explain the intention of any healing. You always know that you're genuinely being heard and the work you do will serve your highest good. She never approaches a session with an outcome in mind; she uses her exceptional skills and extensive training to dissect and get to the core of the issue without judgment or coercion. Whatever she finds, your safety and well-being are always her primary focus."  -- (Washington, DC)


“Terri Is an incredible healer and intuitive. Her insights and healings have dramatically improved my life. I have worked with Terri on relationship issues and family issues, both of which have greatly improved. Not to mention, my self-esteem has sky-rocketed. I am so grateful to have worked with Terri! I highly recommend this kind, loving woman!” --Isabel Archer (San Francisco, California)

“I worked with Terri to breakthrough prosperity and abundance blockages. It ended up being centered around decades-old grief. Honestly, I didn’t really think that could be causing my issues, but I was open to the process. The very next day I won a new laptop in a raffle! A few days later I received a job offer making $20,000 more per year than in my current position! I was shocked at how quickly my energy shifted and how easily I was able to manifest prosperity and opportunity in my life. Thank you!” -- (Arlington, VA)


"Are you searching for a new direction? Terri Sisley is about moving out energetic clutter, healing core issues, and reprogramming your perceptions. With a seemingly endless framework of training and modalities to build from, Terri is able to work with what you bring to the table, without judgment or surprise. Working with Terri will get you where you need to be, but always leaves the destination in your hands."  -- (San Francisco, California)